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Thuja Occidentalis 30C / Thuja 30
Thuja Occidentalis 30C / Thuja 30

Thuja Occidentalis 30C / Thuja 30

    Description : Indicated when Mind: Fixed ideas, as if a strange person were at his side; as of soul and body were separated; as if something alive in abdomen. Head: Pain as if pierced by a nail. Neuralgia from tea. Eyes: Ciliary neuralgia; iritis. Eyelids agglutineated at night; dry, scaly. Styes and tarsal tumors. Ears: Chornic otitis; discharge purulent. Creaking when swallowing. Nose: Chronic catarrh; thick, green mucus; blood and pus. On blowing nose, pain in teeth. Mouth: Tip of tongue very painful. White blisters on side close to root, painful sore. Stomach: Complete loss of appetite. Dislike for fresh meat and potatoes. Rancid eructations after fat food. Abdomen: Distended; indurations in abdomen. Chronic diarrhoea, worse after breakfast. Urinay: Urethra swollen, inflamed. Urinary stream split and small. Sensation of trickling after urinating. Male: Inflammation of prepuce and glans; pain in penis. Balanitis. Chronic induration of testicles. Female: Vagina very sensitive. Warty excrescences on vulva and perineum. Respiratory: Dry, hacking cough in afternoon, with pain in pit of stomach. Stitches in chest.; worse, cold drinks. Skin: Polypi, tubercles, warts epithelioma, naeva, carbuncles; ulcers, especially in ano- genital region. Freckles and blotches. Sleep: Persistent insomnia. Fever: Chill, beginning in thighs. Sweat only on uncovered parts, of all over except head, when sleeping; profuse, sour, smelling like honey. Also available in 200C and 1M potencies as well as in packing of 100 gms.Price given on request.
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    Single Remedy
    Short Description : Indicated when
    Product type : Globules
    Dosage : As prescribed by the physician.
    Strength : 30 gms (Globules)
    Manufacturer : Dr Wilmar Schwabe Pvt. Ltd / DHU-Arzneimittel
    Packing : 30 gms (Globules)
    Remaining : 100 Product