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Senecio Aureus 30C
Senecio Aureus 30C

Senecio Aureus 30C

    Description : Indicated when Mind: Inability to fix mind upon any one subject. Despondent. Nervous and irritable Head: Dull, stupefying headache. Wavelike dizziness from occiput to sinciput. Sharp pains over left eye, and through left temple. Fullness of nasal passages; burning; sneezinf; profuse flow. Face: Teeth very sensitive. Sharp, cutting pain left side. Dryness of fauces, throat, and mouth. Stomach: Sour eructations; nausea. Throat: Dry mouth, throat, and fauces. Burning in pharynx, raw feeling in naso-pharynx, must swallow, through painful. Abdomen: Pain around umbilicus; spreads all over abdomen; better, stool. Thin, watery stool, intermingled with hard lumps of faeces. Straining at stool; thin, dark, bloody, with tenesmus. Urinary: Scanty, high-colored, bloody, with much mucus and tenesmus. Great heat and constant urging. Nephritis. Irritable bladder of children, with headache. Renal colic. Male: Lascivious dreams, with involuntary emissions. Prostate enlarged. dull, heavy pai in spermatic cord, extending to testicles. Female: Menses retarded. Functional amenorraoea of young girls with backache, Before menses, infiammatory conditions of throat, chest, and bladder. Respiratory: Cough loose, with labored inspiration chest sore and raw. Dysonoea on ascending. Sleep: Great drowsiness, with unpleasant dreams. Nervousness and sleeplessness. Also available in 6C, 30C 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM potencies as well as in packing of 100 gms. as well as 30ml, 60ml, 120ml liquids Prices given on request.
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    Single Remedy
    Short Description : Indicated when
    Product type : Liquid Dilution
    Dosage : As prescribed by the physician.
    Strength : 30 ml (Liquid)
    Manufacturer : Dr Wilmar Schwabe Pvt. Ltd / DHU-Arzneimittel
    Packing : 30 ml (Liquid)
    Remaining : 100 Product