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Recalcifying drops, acting on the bone texture - Dr. Reckeweg R 34
Recalcifying drops, acting on the bone texture - Dr. Reckeweg R 34

Recalcifying drops, acting on the bone texture - Dr. Reckeweg R 34

    Description : Perturbations in calcareous tissues and the growths of bones, pathological characteristics in the ossesous systems; exostosis, periostitis, fragility of the bones, osteomalacia, rickets, coxitis and arthritis, as well as nucleus pulposus (complementary) Painful dentition: additionally R 35. In craddle cap: If necessary additionally R 23. In hyperhidrosis : Compare R 32 In Osteoarthritis: additionally R 73 In osteoachondritis of vertebral discs, vertebral osteoarthritis: additionally R 11.
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    Calcium fluorat.D12, Calcium phosphoric.D12, Calcium hypophosphor.D6, Chamomilla D6, Heklalava D12, Mezereum D6, Mercur. praec. rubr. D12, Silicea D30.
    Short Description : A variety of Calcium compounds profoundly influence the calcium metabolism according to the symptomatology listed below: calc. fluor.: Acts on the teeth, especially on the enamel. Calc. Hypophosph.: Regulating influence on the production of calcium in pregancy. Calc. Phosph.: perturbations in the growths of the bones, deficiency in calcium production, chronic headaches of anaemic children. chamomilla: Angry irritation, heat sweat, teething trouble of children. Hekla lava: Exostosis affecting the feet. Mezereum: Inflammation and pains in the skin of bones, especially the shin-bones, the upper part of the arms, and the bones of the chest. Mercur.Praec.rub.: Against osseous deficiencies, exostosis and periostitis with nocturnal pains in the bones. Silicea: Stimulant of growths; fights fistulae of the bones.
    Product type : Drops
    Dosage : Sucklings and children at the growing age will be given, regularly once or twice a day 10-15 drops (for sucklings it will be best to mix with normal milk-supply in the feeding bottle suitably shaken). In case of disorders, like rickets or other disease of the bones, to the vitamins already taken one will add 4-6 times a day 10-15 drops in a little water before meals. Pains in the bones at night call for frequent doses; 10-15 drops every 1/4 hour. Dressings with Fuller's Earth or healing earth can be applied at the same time: as also with fistulae of the bone. The use of pork remain strickly prohibited. In case of difficult teething with children, 3-4 times daily by way to long-term cure; and, in case of sharp pain, every 10 minutes 8-10-15 drops in some water.
    Strength : Bottle of 22ml.
    Manufacturer : Dr. Reckeweg & Co. Gmbh
    Packing : Bottle of 22ml
    Remaining : 100 Product