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NL9-Urine Drop ( New Life)
NL9-Urine Drop ( New Life)

NL9-Urine Drop ( New Life)

    Description : Urine Drop uses in Lower urinary tract infection, urine contain heavy deposit of mucus, pus cells, R. B. C, uric acid sediments, brick dust. Red offensive urine profuse deposit of white amorphous salt. Urine contain gravell u. T. I (urinary tract infection). Spasmodic stricutre, painful dysurea, often replace the use of catheter, unable to urinate without standing.
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    30ml liquid
    Short Description : Urine Drops useful to Lower urinary tract infection
    Product type : Liquid
    Dosage : As directed by the physician.
    Strength : 30ml
    Manufacturer : New Life Laboratories Pvt Ltd
    Packing : 30 ml Bottle
    Remaining : 100 Product