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Graphites 30C

Graphites 30C

    Description : Indicated when Mind: Great tendency to start. Timid. Unable to decide. Want of disposition to work. Fidgety while sitting at work. Music makes her weep. Head: Rush of blood to head with flushed face also with nose-bleed and distention and flatulence. Headache in morning on waking, mostly on one side, with inclination to vomit. Sensation of cobweb on forehead. Eyes: Ophthalmia, with intolerance of artificial light. Eyelids red and swollen. Blepharitis. Dryness of the lids. Ears: Dryness of inner ear. Cracking in ears when eating. Moisture and eruptions behind the ears. Hears better in noise. Hardness of hearing. Nose: Sore on blowing it; is painful internally. Smell abnormally acute; cannot tolerate flowers. Scabs and fissures in nostrills. Face: Feels as if cobwebs were on it. Eczema to nose. Itching pimple. Moist eczema around mouth and chin. Mouth: Rotten odor from mouth. Breath smells like urine. Burning blisters on tongue, salivation. Sour eructations. Stomach: Aversion to meat. Sweets nauseate. Hot drinks disagree. Nausea and vomiting after each meal. Morning sickness during menstruation. Pressure in stomach. Abdomen: Nauseous feeling in abdomen. Fullness and hardness in abdomen, as from incarcerated flatulence; must loosen clothing; presses painfully at abdominal ring. Stool: Constipation; large, difficult,knotty stools united by mucous threads. Burning haemorrhoids. Prolapse, diarrhoea; stools of brown fluid, mixed with undigested substance, very fetid, sour odor. Urine: Turbid, with sediment. Sour smelling. Female: Menses too late, with constipation; pale and scanty with tearing pain in epigastrium, and itching before. Hoarseness, coryza, cough, sweats and morning sickness during menstruation. Male: Sexual debility, with increased desire; aversion to coition; too early or no ejaculation; herpetic eruption on organs. Skin: Rough, hard, persistent dryness of portions of skin unaffected by eczema. Early stage of keloid and fibroma. Pimple and acne. Eruptions, ozzing out a sticky exudation. Also available in potencies 200C and 1M as well as in packing of 100 gms.Prices given on request.
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    Single Remedy
    Short Description : Indicated when
    Product type : Globules
    Dosage : As prescribed by the physician.
    Strength : 30 gms (Globules)
    Manufacturer : Dr Wilmar Schwabe Pvt. Ltd / DHU-Arzneimittel
    Packing : 30 gms (Globules)
    Remaining : 100 Product