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Alpha-Liv- 100ml Bottle Dr.willmar
Alpha-Liv- 100ml Bottle Dr.willmar

Alpha-Liv- 100ml Bottle Dr.willmar

    Description : * Has direct action on the liver and portal system * Stimulates liver functions * Indicated in fatty liver and sluggish liver * Useful as supportive therapy in hepatocellular jaundice and toxic liver damage * Also useful in infantile jaundice * Indicated in liver problems due to alcohol abuse * Improves digestion * Controls nausea and vomiting Indication: Jaundice | Liver tonic | Sluggish liver
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    Single Remedy
    Short Description : fast and effective response in liver disorders
    Product type : Liquid Dilution
    Dosage : Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1-2 teaspoon thrice daily. As the symptoms improve, it can be reduced to 1-2 teaspoon twice daily. It is well-tolerated drug and can be used for prolonged periods. Children should be given half the adult dose. It contains syrup and care should be taken regarding dose and duration in diabetes.
    Manufacturer : Dr Wilmar Schwabe Pvt. Ltd / DHU-Arzneimittel
    Packing : 100ml Bottle
    Remaining : 100 Product